Hybrid video network surveillance recording servers

With the demand for IP-video network surveillance systems on the rise in the United States, Sony is enhancing its line of security solutions with the addition of three hybrid video network surveillance recording servers. The new high definition ready models include the NSR-1050H, the NSR-1100 and NSR-1200 units.

Designed to provide users with flexible security options and advanced levels of response and readiness, the new recording servers come with powerful features including the ability to combine use of analog and IP cameras on one system, full high-definition video output (1920×1080), open platform operation that supports cameras from multiple vendors, and easy configuration modes and set up.

The NSR-1050H model supports up to 20 cameras (including megapixel versions), and is pre-installed with Sony’s NSBK-A16 analog encoder circuit board, which enables the unit to support up to 16 analog cameras. The NSR-1100 and NSR-1200 units can support up to 32 and 64 cameras, respectively, and can also be fitted with the NSBK-A16 analog encoder via an on-board slot. Equipped with that encoder option, the recording servers can also support up to 16 analog cameras each.

The NSR-1000 series is the industry’s first recording server to feature two high-definition outputs via HDMI cable, as well as two RGB outputs that can be used to support standard definition applications. When connected to a megapixel camera, the units are capable of outputting a high-definition resolution image that can be displayed to any number of Sony’s high-definition LCD monitors, including the 52-inch GXD-L52H1 “ruggedized” display (viewable area, measured diagonally).

Adding to the system’s performance, the NSR-1000 series can accept both JPEG and MPEG streams simultaneously from dual streaming cameras attached to the recording server. This feature enables the units to capture high-resolution images while simultaneously providing high-quality video when viewing live content in real time. The unit delivers this, for example, by recording high-resolution images in JPEG at frame rates as low as five fps, while concurrently capturing live video at higher frame rates of up to 30 fps in MPEG4.

The NSR-1050H, 1100 and 1200 units have internal storage of up to 0.5 TB, 1 TB and 2 TB, respectively. Each can be connected with up to seven units of the NSRE-S200 storage unit, which provides an additional 2 TB of hard-disk storage, for an additional combined storage capacity of 14 TB.

The units’ open platform and automatic configuration modes provide users with increased flexibility and easy installation. The video network surveillance servers’ open platform supports all current Sony camera models, as well as cameras from other major brands. In addition, the easy configuration mode automatically detects Sony cameras reducing time needed for setup.

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