New Xceedium GateKeeper 620 provides PCI self-certification benefits

New Xceedium GateKeeper 620 is a hardened appliance that provides a cost-effective way to meet audit and compliance requirements and securely and efficiently manage remote IT infrastructure, such as branch and remote offices.  PCI Level 2 and Level 3 businesses will benefit from an enterprise-class solution to assist with self-certification.  Managed service providers can use the Xceedium GateKeeper 620 to provide an easy way to satisfy their customers’ compliance needs for PCI Level 2 and 3 – a significant competitive advantage in a crowded MSP marketplace.

New offering is Xceedium’s response to several important market trends, such as increasingly strict general compliance needs – including PCI self-certification requirements – and the needs of companies to manage remote infrastructure more cost-effectively. The Xceedium GateKeeper 620 will be distributed exclusively through Xceedium’s channel partners.

The appliance has all the unique and patent-pending technologies of the original Xceedium GateKeeper currently deployed in critical enterprise and government IT infrastructures worldwide.  Xceedium GateKeeper 620 compartmentalizes and contains high-risk users, then monitors, alerts, remediates, logs, records, and reports on all their activities.

Xceedium delivers a solution to assist companies with PCI self-assessment via its entitlement management model, which includes access control, enforcement, monitoring, recording and reporting.  With its patent-pending LeapFrog Prevention technology, companies can create fine grain compartments of authorized areas in their infrastructure and prevent high-risk users from “leap-frogging” to unauthorized areas. Xceedium GateKeeper 620 provides a unique access method that leaves zero footprint on the network and limits visibility to the source IP address.  Its bi-directional session recording for all CLI-based access provides a complete audit trail and full accountability for high-risk users. Centralized reporting capabilities reduce the time and complexity of passing internal audits and delivering proof of compliance.

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