New firewall from Stonesoft – StoneGate FW-310

Stonesoft introduced the StoneGate FW-310 for remote offices with increased throughput and improved performance in connecting employees to the central office network. The StoneGate FW-310 is the latest addition to Stonesoft’s expanding physical and virtual security solutions portfolio.

Remote offices cannot afford service downtime or security threats any more than central sites can, but they often lack local resources for on-site administration. The StoneGate FW-310 has been designed to meet the needs of remote offices, providing full-scale network security and guaranteed always-on business connectivity.

The StoneGate FW-310 offers next generation firewall features to protect remote offices so that they can more efficiently connect with the Internet. With its integrated full intrusion prevention capabilities, the StoneGate FW-310 allows secure Web surfing from remote offices.

The StoneGate FW-310 is an easy-to-deploy solution designed to protect remote offices from the most advanced and sophisticated attacks. The StoneGate FW-310, like all StoneGate appliances, is centrally managed with the StoneGate Management Center, which eliminates barriers, limitations and security compromises across both physical and virtual networks, a key differentiator for the Stonesoft portfolio. This means that security policies can be consistently enforced throughout the entire network delivering significant cost savings, flexibility and sustainability for geographically dispersed deployments.

With 250 Mbps capacity and 60 Mbps VPN throughput, the StoneGate FW-310 is a powerful, yet cost-efficient tool for ensuring the network security and connectivity of remote offices. With four interfaces the StoneGate FW-310 also enables small-scale network segmentation. The solution also features built-in firewall clustering, quality of service (QoS), bandwidth management, and patented Multi-Link ISP load balancing. These features ensure that remote offices have the same level of network availability and performance as central offices.

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