Vanguard Policy Manager enhances RACF security

Vanguard Integrity Professionals released Vanguard Policy Manager, software that enables organizations to reduce security risks and meet regulatory compliance requirements while providing an immediate return on investment (ROI). The software prevents the issuance of RACF commands by any user if the commands violate corporate and regulatory policies, even if the user otherwise has authority under RACF.

Vanguard Policy Manager prevents intentional, accidental or unauthorized changes that could compromise security controls by enabling enterprises to set hierarchical policies that precisely control which users can issue specific RACF commands and command parameters. The software enforces security policy integrity by preventing commands that do not comply with security policies from being issued. It also ensures that users cannot alter within Vanguard Policy Manager the established security policies.

The software can be configured to ensure compliance with Payment Card Industry security regulations such as user authentication and password management and reporting capabilities to identify potential user account violations. It can also be configured to modify non-compliant commands to adhere to internal policies or regulations such as Sarbanes Oxley, Gramm Leach Bliley, Health Information Portability and Accountability Act and more.

The ROI of Vanguard Policy Manager is based on the software’s ability to continuously enforce policy compliance. Vanguard Policy Manager ensures a rapid ROI by reducing profile remediation costs, avoiding litigation resulting from data breaches and decreasing the time spent on audit research and audit findings. The software allows enterprises to implement best practice settings and apply them to all users automatically and is easily configured to enforce specific internal security policies and standards. Log records provided by Vanguard Policy Manager supplement forensic evidence and allow companies to quickly and easily generate regulatory and compliance reports.

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