NVIDIA Tesla supercomputers used for password recovery

ElcomSoft announces the support of the latest generation of NVIDIA Tesla, compact supercomputers based on NVIDIA GPU acceleration technologies, in Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery, a high-end password recovery solution to recover a variety of system and document passwords.

Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery supports stand-alone Tesla servers as well as clusters of servers, allowing for fastest and most robust password recovery for demanding users. Governments, forensic and corporate users, password and data recovery services and other demanding users will benefit from vastly increased speed of password recovery provided by Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery, and robust supercomputing backed by the newest generation of NVIDIA’s processors.

The software can retrieve a variety of system passwords such as NTLM and Windows startup passwords, crack MD5 hashes, unlock password-protected documents created by Microsoft Office 97-2007, PDF files created by Adobe Acrobat, as well as PGP, UNIX and Oracle user passwords.

The new-generation Tesla S1070 Computing System allows for up to 100 times faster password recovery than by using modern dual or quad-core CPUs.

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