New Sprint Secure Web Protection managed service

Sprint announced the availability of Sprint Secure Web Protection, managed service which will include both a network and premise-based solution for customers to choose from; both options will provide businesses with content filtering and Web protection from a variety of Internet threats. The service will be available globally to help businesses of virtually any size operate more efficiently and economically through safe, productive use of the Internet.

Sprint Secure Web Protection is just one component of Sprint’s suite of managed service capabilities that help businesses optimize their networks and maintain business continuity. Sprint Web Protection solutions protect Sprint Dedicated Internet Access and Global IP/MPLS services and can help businesses secure their networks end-to-end.

Customers will be able to select from network and premise-based solutions. Both options provide URL/content filtering and management, protection from Malware, viruses, Trojans and other Internet threats.

Coming soon, the network-based solution is powered by ScanSafe, the largest global provider of SaaS Web Security. Network-based Web Protection requires no additional purchase of hardware or software at the customer’s premise.

Available today, the premise-based solution is powered by ProxySG appliances and Blue Coat WebFilter software from Blue Coat Systems, Inc., an industry-leading vendor of Web security solutions. Premise-based Web Protection can also be paired with Sprint Secure WAN Acceleration for greater network optimization.
Sprint Secure Web Protection capabilities include:

  • Web Filtering: Allows enterprises to control web access, enforce usage policies, and more efficiently use bandwidth, thereby improving productivity.
  • Antivirus and Web Malware Scanning: Protects the enterprise with real-time scanning and removal of malicious and unwanted traffic before it can enter and compromise the network.
  • Web Application and IM Control: Enables corporations to control and secure the use of peer-to-peer (P2P) applications, flash-based video, streaming media and public Instant Messaging or IM (e.g., such as AOL and Yahoo!). Scans IM traffic in real time and provides enhanced security, control and compliance over employees’ IM use.

Managed Security Services from Sprint help businesses more effectively manage their WAN transport and layer on premium, critical applications as needed. Sprint’s core strength and leadership in the convergence of robust Data, Security, IP Telephony and Managed Mobility solutions enables businesses to respond to changing business needs with speed and flexibility.

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