Minimize your data loss even if .MDB databases are corrupt

DataNumen announced the release of Advanced Access Repair 2.0. If .MDB files are corrupt or damaged, this repair engine will recover the data at the maximum possibility. In the new version, the performance of Advanced Access Repair is improved, and now it also supports MS Access 2007 and Windows Vista.

Everybody who works with Microsoft Access and .MDB databases knows that if the .MDB files are corrupt or damaged in some way, Access can neither open the files nor recognize any data in them. That can incur significant data loss, as lots of important objects, including tables, records and relations are stored in such files.

Advanced Access Repair 2.0 is based on comprehensive understanding of the Access MDB database format. The advanced algorithm of this powerful tool allows to recover every possible item in the MDB database files, because the recovery process does not rely on the structure of the original corrupt or damaged MDB database file.

Advanced Access Repair 2.0 can be used to successfully repair Microsoft Access 95, 97, 2000, XP, 2003 and 2007 databases, recover the structure and records of the tables in Access databases, recover MEMO and OLE fields. It provides a bundle of benefits, because it covers numerous features that are not available or only partially available in other repair engines.

Among those features is support for new Access 2007 format, batch recovery, command line support, shell integration, drag & drop support. Advanced Access Repair 2.0 can also recover indexes, auto-number fields and relations, output fixed MDB file in different formats and search for MDB database files on the local computer according to special criteria. Password encrypted Access databases? Recovered. Deleted records and tables? No problem. Recovered as well.

Advanced Access Repair 2.0 runs under all versions of Microsoft Windows, including Vista, and supports all versions of Microsoft Access including Microsoft Access 2007. A single-user license costs $299.95 (US).

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