Encrypted payment card processing, transmission and repository service

ProPay launched ProtectPay, a fully encrypted payment card processing, transmission and repository service. ProtectPay enables merchants with a complete end-to-end secure option for processing credit card payments in real time and/or the secure storage and use of encrypted credit card data for future transactions including repeat billing.

ProPay is fully PCI compliant and meets the stringent requirements of a Level 1 Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Service Provider.

ProtectPay reduces or even eliminates the PCI compliance burdens for merchants, service providers, and companies by providing a service to securely store, transmit, and process the data. This allows merchants and service providers to free up critical time and resources that can therefore be used to build and expand their core businesses.

ProtectPay offers the following features:

  • Encrypts sensitive customer data directly from the customer so cardholder data never touches a merchant’s system
  • Stores, transmits and processes sensitive customer payment data, always in encrypted form
  • Allows the data to be safely used for repeat billing and ongoing business transactions
  • Provides a single interface to major gateways, processors, and service providers
  • Stores multiple customer payment cards and alternative payment methods
  • Allows for ongoing management of customers’ payment data
  • Provides data search and reporting capabilities
  • Facilitates refunds and credits.

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