Secure data communication and protection for Windows Mobile

Certgate uveiled the Protector for Smart Phones, a hardware-based security solution for the protection of data and mobile communications. A smart card of the microSD type is used to encrypt both user data and access/retrieval rights. This enables security-conscious businesses to integrate smart phones into their firm networks without having to worry about opening potential security gaps.

The product offers a randomly scalable security level for Windows Mobile devices, including a high-end solution for top security zones. It prevents unauthorized access by ensuring tamper proof smart phone configuration. Whenever required, functions like Bluetooth, WLAN, or ActiveSync are deactivated and certain applications and ports are blocked.

The Certgate Smart Card is equipped with a crypto-processor capable of generating and storing digital key pairs (RSA 2048 Bit). Certificates and keys stored on the Smart Card are used to encrypt all user data, thus protecting them against unauthorized access even if the device is lost. In addition, they are also used to encrypt and electronically sign e-mails and to access protected networks (VPN) or secure websites (SSL).

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