Juniper expands SRX series with SRX3000 services gateways

Juniper Networks announced the expansion of the Juniper Networks SRX Series with the SRX3000 line of extensible networking and security products that run on JUNOS Software, a single source network operating system integrating routing, switching, and security services.

In addition to delivering firewall services, the SRX3000 line natively integrates multiple services such as Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), Distributed Denial of Service (DDos/DoS) protection, Network Address Translation (NAT), policy and control, identity management, and Quality of Service (QoS).

The SRX Series is built upon the industry’s first “no-compromise” Dynamic Services Architecture, an extensible design that can simultaneously scale integrated services and network capabilities on a single architecture to reduce the escalating demands and risks placed on the network. Juniper Networks Dynamic Services Architecture offers a dedicated dual management engine and purpose-built, carrier-class terabit speed fabric technology to enable fast, reliable and secure access to applications and services from a single network architecture that runs on a single operating system managed by a single management framework. The extensibility of the SRX Series offers scalable performance based on the appropriate footprint, types of services and number of input/output and services processing cards (SPCs).

The SRX3600 enables a 10 GE network environment that can support 30 Gbps of stateful firewall, up to 10 Gbps of VPN, 10 Gbps of IPS, and 175,000 new connections per second. The SRX3400 can support 20 Gbps of stateful firewall, up to 6 Gbps of VPN, 6 Gbps of IPS, and 175,000 new connections per second. Both the SRX3400 and SRX3600 are based on mid-plane design, enabling twice as much flexibility as other units of similar size. Similar to the SRX5000 line, the SRX3000 line offers the scalability of the SPCs and input/output cards for scale of Ethernet ports and services processing.

The base list price for the SRX3400 chassis starts at USD $50,000 while the list price of the SRX3600 chassis starts at USD $60,000.

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