NEC announces new Web application firewall

NEC launched its Web application firewall “SiteShell” to effectively protect Web applications and data from Web application vulnerability attacks such as personal information leaks and Website tampering caused by unauthorized access to websites. In addition, Siteshell provides protection for web applications operating on application servers, without any modification of the application.

“SiteShell” only requires installation on an existing application server to protect Web applications from attacks such as SQL injection, and it can improve the Web application security level by continuously protecting against newly found security vulnerabilities with the update service. SiteShell can be used as an application layer firewall, which will be required to be compliant with PCI Data Security Standard (PCIDSS).

The major features include:

New Generation Blacklisting Method
Since NEC Systems Technologies will provide the blacklist, users will not need to think about the cost of creating or operating blacklists. The latest vulnerability information is collected in real time through NEC Systems Technologies’ connection with overseas vulnerability investigation companies. Vulnerabilities published on global hacker sites are closely observed through our teams in India, China and Japan. Vulnerability countermeasure levels can be flexibly changed through adjustments and configuration of blacklists.

SiteShell Reduces Future Vulnerabilities through Updates – Protection from Future Attacks
By subscribing to the annual maintenance update service, programs addressing newly found vulnerabilities are continuously provided after installation, enabling timely updating services without stopping the system. The countermeasure programs addressing newly found vulnerabilities will be created and updated, thus the system can be safely operated without degrading the security level of Web applications.

SiteShell Requires No Web Application Modifications – Easy to Install
As SiteShell only requires installation on an existing application server, it is very easy to strengthen vulnerability countermeasures of existing systems. Moreover, SiteShell provides configuration tools for easy and effective installation procedures. With Siteshell, there is no need to modify the application (i.e. there are no expenses to eliminate vulnerabilities by fixing the application).

SiteShell Supports Various Application Servers & Web Servers
SiteShell can be installed in various types of application servers such as WebLogic, Apache and WebOTX, and also to Web servers such as IIS. Moreover, as it complies with Servlet standard specifications, it can be used widely without limitations on the type of Web servers.

SiteShell will be sold by NEC Systems Technologies channel partners in the United States, and will be available by summer 2009. Pricing will be announced at that time.

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