Set of single sign-on, authentication and provisioning solutions

Passlogix released version 7.0 of the Passlogix v-GO Access Accelerator Suite, an integrated set of single sign-on, authentication and provisioning solutions that includes a single sign-on (ESSO) solution.

Major feature upgrades in v-GO 7.0 include:

  • A new easier-to-use v-GO Single Sign-On client for end users that consolidates and simplifies separate interfaces previously used for configuring various aspects of the ESSO solution, including account property pages, sign-on response, user authentication and other system settings.
  • A streamlined password change process that can automatically detect whether a password change was accepted or rejected by the application, eliminating manual validation by the end user.
  • Enhanced access to Web accounts through two new features. Users can now add selected Web accounts on their own without the need for an administrator to create a template, increasing credential management efficiencies for end users. v-GO SSO 7.0 also has improved support for dynamic web pages that contain AJAX, ensuring that credentials are provided to the web page only when the proper username and password fields are available. This avoids inadvertently injecting credentials into unmasked fields that could expose the password, as often happens with solutions that rely on scripts and timers.
  • Industry-first multi-session capability for kiosks and shared workstations that reduces user logon time to a little over a second by enabling multiple user sessions to be initiated and managed simultaneously. This innovative new feature in v-GO Session Manager – used to automate user sign-on and sign-off of kiosks at sites such as hospitals – eliminates time wasted in shutting down unattended sessions and thereby requiring users to repeatedly restart the same applications and navigate to the proper screen every time they logon to a kiosk.
  • Easier single sign-on and password changes for administrative accounts through the addition of native support for the PuTTY interface, which is commonly used for telnet sessions. The upgrade is particularly useful for users of v-GO Shared Accounts Manager, a solution that securely manages shared account IDs (such as those used by system administrators for privileged accounts) within the same infrastructure used to manage conventional single-user passwords.
  • Updated application support for Mozilla Firefox 3.0, Siemens DirX Directory v8, IBM Lotus Notes 8.0 and many mainframe emulators (Newhart Systems BLUES 2000, Jolly Giant QWS3270 PLUS v4.4 and IBM WebSphere Host On-Demand v10.0.03).

The v-GO Access Accelerator Suite eliminates everyday challenges in sign-on, authentication and provisioning to improve business productivity, strengthen enterprise security and regulatory compliance readiness, and streamline identity management deployments.

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