Firewall and intrusion prevention offerings from HP

HP ProCurve announced the expansion of its security portfolio with firewall and intrusion prevention offerings that lower costs and reduce the complexity of security infrastructure deployments.

The HP ProCurve Threat Management Services Module provides firewall, virtual private network and intrusion prevention functionality. This security module eliminates the need for a separate appliance by physically integrating into the HP ProCurve 8212 and 5400 series switches, and integrates with HP ProCurve’s existing wireless IPS solution to provide threat management services across wired and wireless networks.

The HP ProCurve Manager Plus 3.0 management platform enables customers to map, configure and monitor wired and wireless networks. The platform offers a single pane view of network-wide management control, allowing customers to add, customize and restrict network management access to users.

Additional management features include updates of the HP ProCurve Manager Plus 3.0 security suite:

  • ProCurve Mobility Manager 3.0 – Provides visualization capabilities to plan, deploy, manage and report a wireless local area network (WLAN). It also predicts the area of radio frequency coverage and offers the ability to monitor WLAN infrastructure and rogue access points across the network
  • Network Immunity Manager 2.0 – Provides a rich toolset to manage internal network threat detection and response in a wired and wireless network environment. It also provides central management of the HP ProCurve Threat Management Services Module
  • Identity Driven Manager 3.0 – Gives network administrators the ability to dynamically provision network access to meet business policies as users and devices connect to the network.

Pricing and availability:

  • Threat Management Services zl Module (Firewall/VPN): $16,999
  • Threat Management Services zl Module with one-year IPS subscription service bundle (Firewall/VPN/IPS): $19,599
  • Three-year IPS subscription/renewal: $9,399
  • ProCurve Manager Plus 3.0 50-device license upgrade: $1,499
  • ProCurve Mobility Manager 3.0 SW 50-device license: $1,999
  • Network Immunity Manager 2.0 50-device base license: $8,699
  • Identity Driven Manager v3 500 User License: $5,499.

All products will be available May 1.

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