F-Secure launches Mac protection technology preview program

If you’re interested in getting down and dirty with some malware on your Mac, testing F-Secure Mac Protection might be the way to spend some free time. If you’re running Mac OS X 10.5 you can sign up here.

The service service offers protection against malware without affecting performance and transparent automatic updates are available. In this initial version, the malware detection capabilities are limited to detect Eicar test file, the actual database updates will be automatically delivered later during the beta program.

Benefits for beta program participants include an early preview of the new service and the ability to provide feedback and a free one-year subscription and regular prizes for users who actively send us feedback.

F-Secure Mac Protection includes the following features:

  • Real-time Anti-Virus engine which scans files when accessed, stopping malicious content from being executed.
  • Easy to use intuitive user interface
  • License key provisioning through the F-Secure SMI.

Before you sing-up it would be a good idea to get familiar with the known issues:

  • F-Secure Mac Protection uninstall does not work without administrator privileges. If you do not have administrator privileges and run uninstall, it fails with errors on output.
  • Detection capability is limited to Mac malware
  • Version upgrade requires user to download new version manually and start upgrade as normal installation
  • F-Secure Mac Protection does not support scanning of networked drives
  • F-Secure Mac Protection is available only in English
  • F-Secure Mac Protection does not detect products that may conflict with it.

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