Virtual encrypted vaults for secure sharing

Overtis Systems launched the VigilancePro Encrypted Vault Manager (EVM), which provides means to encrypt, store and transmit data using virtual vaults. EVM also provides a way to share information securely on removable media, email and other means.

EVM is also available as part of the full VigilancePro endpoint agent. When used as part of a full VigilancePro deployment all key management is handled centrally in line with ISO/IEC 11770 best practice. As a result, there is no need to enter passphrases when creating files.

Decryption on other systems running VigilancePro is carried out automatically and specific keys can be allocated to user groups, allowing only HR to read HR files. For users that need to share encrypted data with third parties, the use of passphrases can be enabled specifically for them. The integrated version of EVM can be used in conjunction with the file and folder management features within VigilancePro, ensuring that only .VPV files can be copied to removable media or to local hard drives in mobile devices.

VigilancePro EVM uses a FIPS 140-2 level 1 certified crypto library. All content placed in VigilancePro EVM vaults is encrypted using the AES 256-bit algorithm.

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