GPS child tracking device from Amber Alert

Amber Alert GPS today launched the Amber Alert GPS 2G, a child tracking device enabling parents to always know where their children are.

Amber Alert GPS 2G gives parents the ability to limit their children’s boundaries by creating a safe zone, create a “bread crumbing” trail of their route through a series of alerts, an alert that notifies parents when their child reaches their destination, voice monitoring, and even the ability to monitor the speed of a vehicle your child is riding in.

Children also have a button they can activate to alert the parent they need help. All of the features are easy to use and all activity can be controlled through a cell phone.

Amber Alert GPS 2G was created by the Amber Alert CEO after his 3-year-old son went missing at an amusement park for 45 minutes. The experience inspired him to develop a product that would not only prevent such incidents from happening, but provide a quick resolution in the event a child did go missing.

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