A closer look at Kaspersky Internet Security 2010

Kaspersky Internet Security is security software that offers protection against viruses, spyware, spam, identity theft and phishing. It also has parental and privacy controls. It’s a comprehensive solution that in the 2010 edition got updated with:

  • Kaspersky Safe Run – Lets you run your applications and browsers in an isolated location on your PC, preventing access to your private data or computer resources
  • Auto-Run Disable – Prevents peripherals like portable USB drives from automatically executing when they are plugged in to the machine, prompting users to scan the drive for any hidden threats
  • Kaspersky URL Advisor – Plug-in for Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox to warn you of links to dangerous web sites.

During the installation, you can choose between a default and a custom installation. Go with the custom if you think there are some features you don’t want or know you won’t need (such as Parental Control or IM Antivirus). If you decide to install the Application Control feature (with the firewall), you will be asked to disable the MS firewall to avoid conflicts between the two.

After registering, a Configuration wizard runs and you get to choose if you’ll trust the program to make decisions on computer security or if you prefer to be asked. Obviously, for the novices the first option is the right one. Also, it’s recommanded to choose the automated update option. Other options to select are password protection and types of threats you want detected.

Welcome screen:

The My Protection Status tab offers many options of configuring the different protection features. Here is an example (Mail Anti-Virus):

My Security zone is where you monitor and control the applications that run on your computer, access to your private data and where you can safe run application in a virtual, protected environment.

Application control:

The Safe run feature (just add the potentially malicious application into it):

The Scan My Computer tab lets you, obviously, choose which type of scan you want to run: Full, Quick, Objects (confines it to a drive or folder) or Vulnerabilty.

Objects scan in progress:

The software also has additional tools and services:

KIS also has a quarantine zone for infected files (or suspected to be so) and the (somewhat modest) possibility to make reports of the findings.

And finally, the software in action:

Kaspersky Internet Security is a complex program that covers a lot of ground. The novice user could be a little overwhelmed by the range of options this software offers. Everything is customizable, but also every option has a handy “summary” or explanation attached to it. Kaspersky Labs is well know for releasing quality software, and this one is definitely worth a try.

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