NxTop with support for latest MS desktop and server platforms

Virtual Computer released a new version of NxTop that supports Microsoft’s latest desktop and server platforms. In addition, Virtual Computer has integrated NxTop Center, its centralized management console, with Windows Server 2008 and Hyper-V.

A point-and-click operation in NxTop Center deploys Windows 7 to all or any subset of users. This deployment is non-destructive to the user’s current running instance of XP or Vista.

For training purposes, users can run their old OS simultaneously with Windows 7 using a simple hot-key combination to switch between the two environments. Once the user is comfortable with Windows 7, they can move permanently to the new system. Administrators then have the option of removing the old operating system or leaving it in place to handle any application issues that may occur during the transition cycle for their organization.

A core feature allows the desktop administrator to create a single master image of Windows 7 and deploy it to all users. Any future updates and administrative changes are performed once on the master image and automatically applied to all users. All operations are optimized for WAN environments, transferring the smallest amount of data possible.

Using Windows Server 2008 and Hyper-V, Virtual Computer has cut the installation time for NxTop Center in half. System administrators run an installation wizard on their Windows Server 2008 system that automatically deploys and configures Virtual Computer’s complete management framework.

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