Cell phone data acquisition, analysis & forensics tool

Susteen announced Secure View 2 with svProbe, a forensics solution which enables law enforcement and corporate security consultants to acquire, analyze and report cell phone data. This software release is a step up of Susteen’s Secure View for Forensics – it incorporates a true analytical tool set, namely svProbe, which automates, speeds up, and reveals critical cell phone data during the forensic investigation phase.

The svProbe offers:

  • Data Discovery and Bookmarking – searches data after acqusition for relevant information and bookmarks results for quick access during the investigation process
  • Link Grap – establishes interdependencies between received calls, dialed numbers, sent/received SMS and MMS
  • Activity Map – takes a snapshot of the cell phone activity volume within a predefined timeframe to identify how and when cell phone has been used
  • Prime Number report – determines the phone number with the most activity within the cell phone report, as well as displaying the specific activity associated with the number.

The solution also enables law enforcement and corporate security to merge multiple reports generated from diverse cell phone forensics solutions into one report.

The Secure View 2 builds upon the existing strengths of the Secure View for Forensics: wide phone support (over 2,000 phones supported), OS agnostic solution (Windows Mobile, iPhone, Blackberry, Symbian, or proprietary operational systems), software reliability, and data validation by means of HASH signature.

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