No honor among thieves: hacking Facebook accounts

PandaLabs reports that they found a site where you can pay $100 to have a Facebook account hacked. PandaLabs’ Technical Director, Luis Corrons, tested the “service” to see if it works.

He first created a FB account, then proceed to enter the account ID (very easy to find) in the ID field on said site, and clicked on the “Hack it!” button. It takes a few minutes, and when the process finishes you are asked to save the account login and password.

Only – you can’t. Not until you pay:

And then you’re basically scammed – you get no username or password, and the money is gone.

“The system’s real purpose may be hacking Facebook accounts as they say, or profiting from those that want to try the service. In any case, the Web page is very well designed. It is easy to contract the service and become, either the victim of an online fraud, or a cyber-criminal and accomplice in identity theft.”, says Corrons.

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