Cloud-based email archiving with policy-based encryption

LiveOffice announced the availability of policy-based encryption, which provides organizations with end-to-end protection for all messages and attachments while in transit.

Historically, email encryption required significant intervention from the sender, who had to manually select messages requiring encryption.

LiveOffice policy-based encryption automates the process with its rules-based encryption engine, which leverages the transport layer security (TLS) protocol and enables administrators to pre-determine which types of messages should be encrypted prior to transmission. For an additional layer of protection, all messages are stored using the 256 bit AES in LiveOffice’s secure, cloud-based archive, which resides in fully redundant SAS-70 II, Tier-4 data centers.

To eliminate the need for end-user intervention, policy-based encryption automatically tags each email for encryption, which is then delivered to LiveOffice’s geographically dispersed data centers via a secure SSL/TLS-encrypted tunnel.

From there, each message is scanned according to the administrator’s email filtering and use policies, encrypted and either delivered to the recipient’s inbox or centrally stored in its secure storage repository for access via a web portal. The portal is accessed through a link within a standard SMTP email, which alerts the recipient that an encrypted message has been sent to them. Once the intended recipient has accessed their message using the portal, they are able to view, reply and create new messages, which are also protected by the policy-based encryption solution.

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