Facebook continues to shoot down deceptive ads

In an ongoing battle against spam and deceptive ads and offers running inside applications, Facebook has terminated their business relationship with two more networks who continuously violated their policies on offers and inappropriate ad content.

They have done so in the past when they eliminated stimulus ads, and they are keeping constant watch over the applications.

“We recognize that monitoring ads isn’t the first area of focus for an entrepreneur just getting started with social applications. That’s why ad networks that don’t play by the rules should expect to be our first point of contact in our line of enforcement. Our policies are clear. If you’re an ad network and don’t comply with them, you are doing a disservice to your customers, and you should expect your business opportunities on Facebook to cease”, writes a member of the Platform team on the Developer Blog.

“The opportunities for high quality ads are significant, and several players are genuinely focused on sustainability and creating a user experience that builds long-term trust.”, he adds.

It seems that Dennis Yu, the CEO of an advertising agency, has it right: with time, the deceptive ads will become history, as trusted ads elbow them out for one simple reason: big brand (legitimate) advertisers will raise the price of traffic up to a level that spammers will not be able to reach anymore.

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