Hot information security topics at InfoSec World 2010

InfoSec World will be taking place on April 19-21, 2010 in Orlando. With multiple tracks, dozens of case studies, 12 in-depth workshops and three specialized summits, InfoSec World will focus on practical solutions to strengthen security without restricting business initiatives.

Featured panels and demos:

  • Computer Evidence Handling – The Right Way
  • Fighting Cyber-Crime with Advanced Threat Coutermeasures
  • Using Free Tools to Assess and Audit Your Wi-Fi Network
  • Securing Non-Blackberry Devices
  • Locking Down Windows Clients; XP, Vista and Windows 7
  • IPv6 Threats and Mitigation Strategies
  • Google and Beyond: Advanced Search Engine Hacking and Web-Based Intelligence Gathering
  • Cloudburst: Hacking 3D (and Breaking Out of VMware)
  • Threat Update 2010: The Latest Top 10 Attacks
  • Advanced Penetration Testing Techniques Made Easy
  • Using Data Analytics to Support Continuous Auditing.

Event highlights:

  • Schneier on Security – Bruce Schneier, Chief Technology Officer, BT Global Services
  • Managing Security Risk and Complexity: Marching to the Drums of Business and National Security- Michael Assante, Vice President and Chief Security Officer, North American Electric Reliability Corporation
  • Technology Trends that will Shape Tomorrow’s Organization and Change Your Life – Jeff Jonas, Chief Scientist and Distinguished Engineer, IBM Entity Analytics
  • The State of Cyber Security: How the Information Assurance Paradigm is Shifting and What That Means To You – Israel Martinez, Co-Chair, The National Cyber Security Council

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