Excalibur Conference 2010 call for papers

In autumn 2010, the Excalibur Conference in China, will feature talks but world-renowned security professionals that will address new areas of research. The event will cover topics related to Internet security, social engineering, wireless security, hardware security, computer forensics and other emerging fields.

Suggested (but not limited to) topics are:

  • RFID security
  • Satellite security
  • Wi-Fi and WiMax
  • ZigBee security
  • Social engineering
  • Online behavior analysis
  • Public psychology
  • Internet deterrent intelligence analysis
  • Lock picking
  • Hardware security
  • Forensics and anti-forensics
  • Security assessment
  • Reverse engineering
  • Vulnerability discovering techniques
  • Penetration testing
  • Cross the “Great Firewall” technique

Detailed information about paper submission along with contact details is available here.

For a video about last year’s event that we recorded with Jayson E. Street, click here.

Help Net Security will be attending so you can expect extensive coverage from the event.

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