Mobile workforce shift will cause security headache

A recent iPass report highlights the rising numbers of workers are moving to a truly mobile working environment confirms what many in the IT security industry have suspected for some time, says Claire Sellick, Event Director for Infosecurity Europe.

The report, which took in responses from 1,000 enterprises, found that large swathes of enterprise staffers are using their smartphones to access their email – and a whole lot more.

What is particularly concerning is the fact that 54 per cent of Blackberry users said they would move to an Apple iPhone if they were offered one, and 63% of employees prefer their smartphone over a laptop.

As iPass said in its report, there are clear resultant risks in terms of compliance and security that arise from the migration to smartphones.

What is clear from anecdotal evidence – as well as studies of the enterprise workforce such as this latest one – is that the shift to mobile working is becoming something of a revolution, rather than the progressive evolution that many have previously observed.

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