Multi factor, dynamic encryption for healthcare

Aventyn announced the introduction of healthKrypt, a patent pending technology for securing health information and trusted transaction processing.

healthKrypt is a simple, low encryption/bit cost and easy to implement multi factor security technology that works on multiple platforms, virtualization layers, cloud data and portals. Now it is possible to encrypt user ID, software applications and data using dynamic encryption algorithm that is specific to the user, device, content and service combination.

By uniquely encrypting user IDs, devices and data, health record information is protected with one-click authentication and robust key management. Secure user profile-based accesses to provider, payer, and consumer portals provide CIO’s capability to offer new value-add services, extend and improve secure trusted partner transactions preventing theft and fraud.

“The security framework for healthKrypt is built to execute security functions in a processor using known processor architectural constructs with minimal performance impact,” said Bhaktha Ram, CTO at Aventyn. “The custom security algorithms are software, user and device platform specific; protect against software vulnerabilities, prevent ID theft, fraud and class break scenario.”

healthKrypt is deployed in real-time as a lightweight “driver” for securely executing code and retrieving secure data on existing standard x86 and ARM hardware and software platforms without additional requirements for security hardware and software.

Health IT and Medical Banking systems are further strengthened with custom work-flow using processor specific security features with *Intel x86 AMT/VT/TXT, AMD-V and ARM TrustZone technologies for scalability.

Capabilities and benefits:

  • Harden software, services with unique identification and authentication
  • Dynamic encryption for each user, device, services combination
  • Configurable user, device centric health data rights management
  • Local and remote management of access privilege to devices and data
  • Protect diverse devices against tampering and theft
  • Complements Payment Card Industry “Chip and PIN” solution
  • Easy integration with EMRs, banking systems for encrypted 24/7 patient payment
  • Enable patients review health statement with secure pay online, home or office
  • One-click encrypted trusted payment option with wired and wireless devices.

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