PeerSec MatrixSSL: Embedded SSL and TLS implementation

MatrixSSL is an embedded SSL implementation designed for small footprint applications and devices. It allows secure management of remote devices. PeerSec Networks offers a commercial as well as an open source version.

MatrixSSL has been ported to operating systems including VxWorks, uClinux, eCos, WindowsCE, PocketPC, Palm, pSOS, SMX, BREW, MacOS X, Linux and Windows. Ported hardware platforms include ARM, MIPS32, PowerPC, H-8, SH3, i386 and x86-64.


  • < 50KB total footprint with crypto provider
  • SSL and TLS server and client support
  • Included crypto library – RSA, 3DES, AES, ARC4, SHA1, MD5
  • Cipher Suites – RC4-MD5, RC4-SHA, DES-CBC3-SHA, AES128-SHA
  • Full support for session resumption/caching
  • Session re-keying and cipher renegotiation
  • Server and client¹ X.509 certificate chain authentication
  • Parsing of .pem, DER, ASN.1 and X.509 formats
  • PKCS#1.5 and PKCS#5 support for key formatting
  • Fully cross platform, portable codebase; minimum use of system calls
  • Pluggable cipher suite interface
  • Pluggable crypto provider interface
  • Pluggable operating system and malloc interface
  • TCP/IP optional
  • Multithreading optional
  • Only a handful of external APIs, all non-blocking
  • Example client and server code included
  • Clean, heavily commented code in portable C
  • User and developer documentation.

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