New hosted email security platform from Trend Micro

Trend Micro introduced Hosted Email Security – based on a new platform – which will create a new mission-critical service standard for what small and large customers should expect from their hosted email security vendors.

In today’s challenging economic times, IT staff and end-user employees are working longer and harder than ever. This is driving businesses to look at new ways to find more time in the day for their employees.

“According to our email best practices benchmarking, adding in hosted email security will typically reduce the time that IT staff must spend on email security maintenance by up to 75 percent (or more in some cases) versus continuing with on-premise email security only,” says messaging industry expert, Michael Osterman of Osterman Research.

Trend Micro scans, filters and correlates more than 20 billion emails, Web sites and files every single day, and then leverages that data to rapidly identify and respond to emerging threats, and improve the existing response to known threats. The engine processing all this traffic across millions of customers, multiple products, and hosted and on-premise environments is the Smart Protection Network infrastructure.

Customers can choose between Trend Micro Hosted Email Security (formerly IMHS Advanced), which includes the full SLA, as well as inbound filtering, outbound filtering, content filtering and spam blocking settings and rules; and Trend Micro Hosted Email Security – Inbound Filtering (formerly IMHS Standard), which includes SLA commitments for 100 percent uptime, zero email-based viruses, no more than one minute of email delivery latency and support response commitments, and only includes inbound filtering with default best practices spam blocking settings.

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