ATM hacks to be demonstrated at Black Hat USA

A year ago, security researcher Barnaby Jack was banned from presenting at Black Hat USA.

The subject of his presentation were ATM vulnerabilities, and the reason why he couldn’t do the demonstration was the will of Juniper Networks – his employer at the time.

But, Jack is no longer employed by Juniper. After leaving the company, he has joined IOActive and became its Director of Security Research.

According to Softpedia, Jack is coming back this year with an improved presentation that will feature vulnerabilities and demonstrate hacks that will rival those from the “Terminator 2” – or so he says. “Last year, there was one ATM; this year, I’m doubling down and bringing two new model ATMs from two major vendors.”

His plan is to demonstrate both a local and remote exploit of the ATMs, and a rootkit that can function on various platforms. He also plans to help ATM manufacturers by pointing them in the right direction and offering them ideas on how to implement protection against these types of attacks.

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