Phone-based authentication for IBM Tivoli Access Manager

PhoneFactor has added support for IBM Tivoli Access Manager to its suite of authentication solutions and can now seamlessly enable phone-based two-factor authentication to secure Tivoli user sign-ons. The PhoneFactor solution has been certified as “Ready for IBM Tivoli” and is immediately available.

IBM Tivoli Access Manager provides a web single sign-on (SSO) solution for executing security policies for web and application resources. PhoneFactor adds an additional layer of security by confirming Tivoli sign-ons with an automated phone call or text message.

The user simply answers the call or replies to the text message to authenticate. Tivoli Access Manager with PhoneFactor integration provides both step-up authentication and multi-factor authentication capabilities for controlling access to resources.

By leveraging a device every user already has — a phone – PhoneFactor enables rapid deployment of cost-effective two-factor authentication for Tivoli Access Manager. There are no security tokens or other devices to provision and no software or certificates for end users to install. Companies simply download and install PhoneFactor and configure it for Tivoli Access Manager.

PhoneFactor integrates with Tivoli’s directory system as well as AD and LDAP servers to streamline user management. Easy, automated self-service options are available through the phone and web.

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