CCNA Security 640-553 Cert Flash Cards Online

Author: Brian D’Andrea
Flash cards: 250
Publisher: Cisco Press
ISBN: 158705910X


The CCNA Security 640-553 Cert Flash Cards Online is a custom flash card application loaded with 250 total questions that offer a good way to review all the objectives on the IINS exam 640-553. You can test your knowledge on a desktop computer or a mobile device – all you need is a Web browser and Internet connection.

About the author

Brian D’Andrea has been working in the IT industry for over eleven years and as an instructor for the past six years. He currently serves as the lead CCNA instructor for Training Camp, and also instructs A+, Net+, and MCDST classes. Brian teaches hundreds of students nationwide, prepping them for certification tests.

Inside the application

After you entered the access code needed to unlock the pack, you are presented with this variety of options:

As you can see, you can choose flash cards by categories or to answer all available questions. You can choose to view cards in order or at random, and you can create custom sets from the entire bank of cards.

Each flash card denotes the category, asks a question and offers enough space for a detailed answer. After entering the question, press the View Answer button and see it you got it right:

You grade yourself – so you have to be fair if you want a fair estimate of your knowledge. The Notes section is handy if you want to add something that will help you learn better and print out the whole page for reviewing.

Also especially helpful is the possibility of creating a custom set of flash cards – especially if it’s based on questions you got wrong the first time (or second, third-¦)

Final thoughts

I didn’t focus on the specific content on the cards, because if you are taking the exam, you already know what is covered, and if you aren’t taking the exam – you probably won’t be spending money on this application.

This is a helpful tool to review your knowledge before the test – a concise review of all its objectives. The knowledge is broken down in palatable, bite-sized chunks that are easier to remember – especially if your visual memory is good.

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