Finding and managing SSL digital certificates

Digital certificates are now cornerstones to business technology. Located on servers, devices, networks and communication platforms, they represent a necessary security technique for encrypting transmissions and securing digital identities in today’s enterprise.

To assist organizations in gaining a complete perspective of deployed certificates, Entrust introduces Entrust Discovery. The easy-to-use solution finds, inventories and manages digital certificates across diverse systems to prevent outages, data breach and non-compliance.

Available as a managed service or a customer-deployed solution, Entrust Discovery simplifies the certificate discovery and inventory process. This saves the management effort of manually inventorying machines and networks, as well as tracking certificate expiries in confusing spreadsheets or tables.

Within an organization’s environment, Entrust Discovery quickly finds and inventories certificates that are exposed to a network service. Two separate components — Entrust Discovery Agent and Entrust Discovery Manager — collaborate to help organizations discover the risks caused by rogue or expiring certificates, and then subsequently assists in resolving these issues.

Entrust Discovery helps organizations avoid costly compliance ramifications or losses from data breach. Most enterprises implement stringent security policies that adhere to internal, industry or federal regulation. But if an organization doesn’t possess the tools or information to prove policy is being followed, non-compliance risks will arise. Entrust Discovery provides an ongoing inventory of encryption assets that help prove that an organization is, in fact, following established policy.

Entrust Discovery quickly identifies potential problems and provides the user or organization the information needed to correct any issues. The solution helps identify and replace vulnerable certificates, ensuring an organization is properly defended from malicious attacks. And by inventorying encryption assets, enterprises can be sure that transmission data is not left unencrypted. This helps prevent the exchange of information from being illegally intercepted without the knowledge of an organization’s IT staff.

Different from competitive offerings, Entrust Discovery provides organizations the option of a cloud-based solution or it can be deployed on a customer-premises basis. Entrust’s new solution is scalable to meet the needs of large enterprises, and supports enterprise-level operating systems (e.g., Linux, Microsoft Windows).

Entrust Discovery also provides multiple expiry notification e-mails to certificate owners to ensure they are aware of expiring certificates. And with built-in backup e-mails to system administrators as expiry approaches, an IT staff is ensured certificates are not expiring unexpectedly.

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