FarmVille players lured with fake “farm cash” offer from Zynga

The latest Facebook scam takes advantage of the popularity of Zynga’s FarmVille game and lures users into allowing an application access to their accounts with promises of “Farm Cash” to be spent in the game:

A click on the link takes potential victims to a page where, in order to get the “cash” and a guide how to use it, they are requested to give a third-part application by the name of 310 FV Free Cash Christmas Bonus [Zynga Official] permission to access their basic information and their data at any time, send them e-mails, post to their walls and manage their Pages.

According to Sophos, the scam seems to involve the typical “complete survey, get subscribed to premium rate services” scenario, but the takedown of the page that hosts the surveys by the hosting company has luckily spared the users form becoming victims.

Users who have fallen for the scam are advised to delete the messages left by the application on their Walls, and revoke the permission they gave to it by removing it from the Applications and Websites page in their Privacy Settings.

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