Backup, deduplication and storage in one appliance

Symantec announced the NetBackup 5200 appliance series to help customers expand their data protection infrastructure with an easy to deploy, all-in-one hardware and software backup solution that integrates deduplication to reduce storage.

NetBackup 5200 is the first appliance to offer backup administrators a choice of client or target deduplication based on the type of data being protected. NetBackup 5200 client deduplication eliminates redundant data at the information source, which leads to lower bandwidth utilization and 10 times faster backups.

For client machines that do not have sufficient CPU cycles for deduplication, the processing can be moved to the NetBackup 5200 appliance.

Appliance overview:

  • A ready-to-go, complete backup and deduplication solution with 32 TB of usable dedupe capacity that can be used in primary, secondary and remote sites and managed through one console
  • All NetBackup software agents can be used with NetBackup 5200 to simplify protection of critical applications and databases
  • Integrated software and hardware reduces installation and management costs
  • Front end TB licensing model for deduplication allows customers to save costs as there is no additional charge for replicating data
  • Built-in source and media server deduplication in an appliance moves benefits of deduplication beyond the box and closer to the source for faster backups of physical, virtual, and remote systems.
  • Powerful and flexible deduplication process meets more data center needs with both inline and post process deduplication modes of operation
  • Delivers heterogeneous support for all major platforms and applications including award winning virtual machine protection capabilities
  • Easily fits into existing NetBackup environments or new ones without a separate management console, allowing customers to quickly update or expand their backup infrastructure
  • Easy to maintain with a single point of contact for both software and hardware technical support.

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