All-in-one home online security from Kaspersky

Kaspersky Pure Total Security provides central management to easily maintain the security of multiple PCs from a single PC:

  • Run all scans, updates, and backup tasks automatically or on-demand
  • Fix security issues without getting up from your desk
  • Remotely manage parental controls, so your kids are never outside of your protection, even when they’re out of view.

Kaspersky Pure Total Security automatically protects users from all forms of malicious software. Its technologies leverage the “cloud” to provide immediate urgent updates of the latest Internet threats.

This is complemented by the company’s hourly signature updating and proactive protection to guard against threats that are yet unknown.

The parental controls included in the software prevent inappropriate material from being seen, enabling parents to block entire categories of online content, such as gambling websites, message boards and adults-only content. It also allows parents to:

Control when and for how long your children can be online, or on the computer at all
The software’s Parental Control let you set your deadlines, so there are no arguments when time is up.

Keep important family and personal information from being shared
Don’t just block the bad content from coming in your home; keep your valuable household information from getting out. Parents can prevent private information, such as your home address, phone number or credit card number, from ever being shared online.

Have full visibility to prevent cyber-bullying
Full transcripts of instant messaging or social network communications can be saved and reviewed; and parents can have special keywords flagged automatically to monitor for profanity or harassment. The software’s settings can block specified online contacts, and allow only pre-approved contacts.

Automated file backup and restore
Protect everyone’s irreplaceable digital valuables from being lost forever. Kaspersky Pure Total Security can run file backups for the PCs in your home from a single computer, easily storing data on any external drive or USB device.

Integrated password management
The included Password Manager can store every individual’s own log-in passwords in an encrypted “digital vault” and then automatically log each person into their favorite websites and applications. No more fussing around with lots of different and ineffective passwords. Simply remember one master password and the tool takes care of the rest with automatically generated unique and strong passwords.

Data encryption and file shredder
Now you can encrypt your most sensitive personal information so it’s never vulnerable to anyone accessing your computer. When that information is no longer needed, or if a PC is being discarded, the included File Shredder application irreversibly wipes information from your system, leaving no trace of any personal information.

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