Facebook survey scam toolkit lowers entry bar for scammers

If you have been wondering about the recent proliferation of survey scams on Facebook and thinking to yourself how is it possible that so many people to know how to develop these scammy applications, the answer is actually really simple.

As with malware, you don’t have to have the knowledge – just money, and not a lot of it. According to Websense, there is a Facebook viral application toolkit for sale on the Internet, and it costs merely $25.

It’s called “Tinie App”, and consists of script designed to work in conjunction with Cost Per Action surveys. The toolkit also offers a how-to step-by-step guide and template pages that the buyer must fill with content that will attract Facebook users:

The scammer can earn from $0.20 to $2.00 per survey. Considering how many people on Facebook still fall for this type of scam, “Tinie App” – if it works as it is supposed to – makes for a good investment.

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