Stalker targets Zuckerberg through Facebook

Facebook wouldn’t be so popular if it wasn’t so useful, easy to use and fun, but as with everything else in this world, there are downsides to its use – most of them concerning invasion of privacy.

Time has shown that Facebook has become another weapon in the stalker’s arsenal, and even the social network’s founder could not avoid being harassed.

According to PCWorld, a 31-year-old man by the name of Pradeep Manukonda has been stalking Mark Zuckerberg online and offline, pleading for his help.

Following numerous attempts made by Manukonda to contact Zuckerberg via the social network and in person by showing up at the company’s headquarters and at his home, the Facebook CEO filed for – and has been granted – a restraining order against the man, which forbids him to contact Zuckerberg or anyone in his family.

TMZ reports that according to a letter they obtained, it looks like Manukonda wanted to borrow money from Zuckerberg in order to cover the costs of his mother’s medical treatment.

In a subsequent interview that happened after he was slapped with the restraining order, he claims that he is a peaceful guy, that he only wanted advice from Zuckerberg and that he was sorry he thought he was trying to harm him. “I understand he’s a busy man … I’ll respect his privacy,” he said in the end.

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