Encrypt computer data with a physical key

LucidPort Technology introduced the CipherGuard Computer Encryption System. The CipherGuard secures the private data on a computer with a physical key.

The CipherGuard creates an AES-256 encrypted area on your computer’s hard drive. With the CipherGuard plugged in, this area appears as another drive in the system. Create files and install applications normally.

When you unplug the CipherGuard, your private data is no longer accessible. Like a key for your car, plug or unplug the CipherGuard anytime, no passwords or re-boots are required. The size of the encrypted area is not limited by the CipherGuard device.

“Save sensitive files directly on your local hard drive without worrying about someone stealing your data,” said Reid Augustin, Vice President of Product Development at LucidPort. “You don’t have to rely on a VPN connection to keep your files safe.”

The CipherGuard is now available as a semi-finished product. This includes a production ready PCB, all necessary software, and complete documentation. The CipherGuard design is also available for OEM licensing.

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