The Spam King is free again, claims his spamming days are over

Robert Soloway, one of the most prolific spammers whose activities earned him the nickname Spam King, has been released from prison after a little less than 4 years inside.

He is allowed to go back online, but according to his plea deal, probation officers will monitor his e-mail correspondence and which websites he visits for the next three years.

“If I send out spam e-mails, that’s a violation of my probation. End of story,” he said to Wired. “I’m being very careful. If I send out an e-mail, I’m not even going probably to CC it. I’ll send a unique e-mail to each person.”

After and estimated 10 trillion spam e-mails sent doing his “career”, teaching other people to spam, selling spam packages and using botnets to spread the e-mails – and living the good life during all that time – he now lives in a modest studio apartment in Seattle and works in a print shop.

He says he learned the lesson and now wants to help businesses and consumers avoid spam. “I don’t expect anyone to trust anything I say until they see me making good,” he declared. “I would like to assist in some way by basically revealing what went on inside the cybercrime industry.”

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