IBM unveils new pre-engineered technology services model

IBM ushered in advances to its services portfolio that streamline the way it designs, deploys and manages clients’ IT infrastructure.

IBM’s IT outsourcing services deliver a standardized approach that can reduce the time it takes to transform a client’s IT environment by more than 60 percent and potentially reduce costs by up to 50 percent.

Rather than spend weeks or months designing a server configuration from scratch, clients will be able to select from a set of pre-configured assets and be up and running in hours or days, compared to weeks or months. IBM has developed similar assets in the areas of storage, networking and help desk services.

“IBM has more experience running IT systems than any company in the world,” said Erich Clementi, senior vice president, IBM Global Technology Services. “Since the first outsourcing engagement decades ago, IT services providers have reinvented the wheel every time they engage with a client. That was an inefficient model wasting both time and money. By baking our industry-leading expertise, software capabilities, experience and best practices into our services offerings in a standardized, systematic way, we can speed up the time it takes to build the basics. This frees up time for IBM and our clients to collaborate more on solving business problems and explore new possibilities.”

IBM’s standardized approach tightly integrates a client’s business processes with IBM’s services assets to incorporate new technologies such as cloud computing into their business plans.

IBM first began testing the standardized offerings on its internal systems. By deploying its entire storage infrastructure using the standardized asset-based approach, IBM estimates it will lower its storage costs by nearly 50 percent.

By leveraging IBM patented processes, analytics capabilities and software-infused repeatable tools, IBM’s server, storage, service desk and network assets can:

  • Discover new value by virtualizing servers beyond the typical 20 percent of light workloads that are virtualized today, such as print, file or web
  • Eliminate storage complexity with a single set of integrated tools that supports more than 150 different devices from multiple vendors, and can easily scale to support evolving needs
  • Modernize a client’s service-desk environment and improve end-user response times via a 24X7X365 global support service in 50+ languages
  • Create a unified communications network for global businesses in a matter of days, and using analytics-based client portals analyze data for better business decisions.

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