Page-integrated encryption for protecting credit cards on the web

Voltage Security announced a new encryption breakthrough for protecting personal data entered by consumers on web pages called PIE for Page-Integrated Encryption.

The company also announced Voltage SecureData Web, a new data protection solution that uses the PIE encryption protocol, designed for e-commerce merchants struggling with protecting PAN (primary account number) data exchanged in web-based transactions and reducing PCI DSS audit scope in web applications and infrastructure.

PIE is particularly useful for e-commerce and other cloud-based applications that use confidential personal information such as credit card numbers, social security numbers and the like.

It leverages the patented Voltage Format-Preserving Encryption, which ensures that data retains its format and semantics upon encryption, this means minimal changes to existing systems resulting in overall lowered costs for protecting data end-to-end.

“Voltage is giving e-commerce merchants a better perimeter than they’ve had before,” commented George Peabody, director, Emerging Technology Advisory Services, Mercator Advisory Group. “There are no silver bullets in payments security, but this is a much-needed step forward for the industry.”

“The rapid adoption of cloud computing and mobile applications is compounding data protection problems,” said Judith Hurwitz, president and CEO of Hurwitz & Associates. “Business boundaries no longer exist and a lack of transparency compounds security risks for companies.”

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