Free browser-based security assessment

Shavlik Technologies announced a new browser-based security advisory that helps identify potential security vulnerabilities on a network.

Shavlik Security Advisor scans all physical and virtual machines to determine missing patches that provide significant security risks without immediate remediation.

Following a quick scan of all designated machines on a network, a detailed report is provided with many components including:

  • A snapshot of the network environment including the number of missing patches, number of missing security patches and the average number of missing patches per machine as compared to the Shavlik user community
  • A Systems Center that ranks machines by severity and identifies the machines requiring patches
  • A Software Center that shows the software by vendor as well as the software titles requiring patches
  • A Patch Center that indicates the percent of products missing patches not covered by WSUS, as well the number of missing patches and number of vulnerable machines
  • A Community Center that identifies how the security of an IT environment compares to the community.

“We commonly partner with smaller companies that are concerned about network vulnerabilities, but lack a cost-effective way to identify them. With Shavlik Security Advisor, SMBs not only have a way to identify missing patches, but also gain a greater level of visibility into the number of vulnerable machines and applications in a matter of minutes. And they don’t have to pay a dime for that valuable knowledge,” said Mark Shavlik, CEO, Shavlik Technologies.

The assessment is offered as part of the company’s Freemium business model, which makes IT management solutions accessible to budget-conscious SMBs.

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