rCloud: Disaster recovery for virtual environments

Doyenz announced rCloud, a disaster recovery solution for SMBs that offers recovery for virtual environments.

Purpose-built for VMware virtualized environments, rCloud can restore virtual production server environments in less than fifteen minutes. By automating the recovery process, SMBs can reduce recovery time objectives and ensure the continuity of business operations.

Key rCloud capabilities include:

Replicate VMware ESX machines: With rCloud, partners can now offer SMBs a disaster recovery plan that will replicate VMware ESX virtual production environments. rCloud leverages ESX virtual machine snapshots to take both full and incremental backups of virtual machines allowing for recovery point flexibility.

Cloud recovery verification: rCloud is the only service to provide on-demand verification that production server environments are replicated in the cloud. IT service providers can log on at any time to instantly verify server images and provide their SMB clients proof of the integrity of their data.

Prepare for disasters before they occur: IT service providers can leverage a secure virtual lab to test changes and upgrades on a replica of the server before deploying to production.

Recover in just a few clicks: rCloud provides a deep level of automation that re-creates a local IP skin in the cloud in just a few simple clicks.

Doyenz rCloud also includes a ShadowProtect agent for cloud-based disaster recovery of physical production environments. Pricing starts at $1,000 per month, and includes one Terabyte of protected storage on rCloud for data retention, failover/failback, data validation and lab usage.

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