Security solution on Amazon Web Services

Check Point announced its security gateways are now available to customers through Amazon Web Services (AWS), enabling organizations to extend their security to the cloud with a full range of protections, or Check Point software blades, such as Firewall, Intrusion Prevention, Application Control, URL Filtering and many more.

With a few simple steps, customers can easily deploy a Check Point virtual appliance – a security gateway for virtual environments – in the Amazon Cloud to activate protections that prevent network attacks and data breaches, while enabling secure connectivity in dynamic cloud computing environments.

With Check Point’s virtual appliances, customers can embrace the benefits of cloud computing with confidence. Whether an organization runs their entire business operations on AWS or utilizes AWS for flexible scaling needs, customers can enable advanced security with a few simple steps, implementing a unified policy that protects all corporate assets residing in either on-premise infrastructure or in the cloud.

For example, businesses such as online retailers or educational institutions can leverage the Amazon Cloud to run production workloads and manage seasonal peaks in web traffic and customer orders, while the Check Point virtual appliance further reinforces protection in the cloud infrastructure – ensuring all data and channels of business communication remain secure.

“Security gateways in cloud environments are equally as important as they are in on premise locations, therefore unifying their policies and reporting capabilities in a centralized way are critical to ensuring both the security and compliance mandates of enterprises worldwide,” said Lawrence Pingree, research director at Gartner.

“We offer a shared-responsibility security model that enables customers to choose a security solution that best meets their application’s needs, while AWS remains focused on providing a safe and secure infrastructure,” said Stephen Schmidt, chief information security officer at Amazon Web Services. “We are excited that Check Point has embraced this model and is providing an innovative solution for customers.”

To mitigate sophisticated threats and prevent sensitive information from being exposed in the cloud, Check Point customers can now benefit from the same flexible and comprehensive security solutions available for on-premise networks with over 30 software blade protections, including Firewall, IPS, Virtual Private Network (VPN), Application Control, URL Filtering, Mobile Access and Data Loss Prevention (DLP), without additional hardware or management complexity.

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