New Wi-Fi tool from D-Link and Fluke Networks

D-Link has chosen Fluke Networks’ wireless planning technology to power its new Wi-Fi planning solution, the D-Link Wi-Fi Planner.

D-Link Wi-Fi Planner is a wireless network planning tool that allows a user to model the Wi-Fi network and provide a reliable predictive map of Wi-Fi signal and performance by accounting for building material and environment conditions.

The solution also includes built-in automated tools to help users with their migration strategy from existing legacy 802.11a/b/g networks to 802.11n technology. The Planner tool is compatible with all available D-Link APs, in addition to Unified Wireless APs.

“D-Link is a global leader in business network connectivity, and we couldn’t be more proud or excited to be integrated into their solution and together, provide their customer base with a world-class combination of technology,” said Chia-Chee Kuan, vice president of the Fluke Networks WLAN business unit.

“Proper planning and design is a critical step in the wireless lifecycle, whether deploying a new network, migrating legacy technology or validating an existing WLAN. To ensure our customers have the best tools to accomplish these goals, we’ve chosen Fluke Networks’ technology and are excited to launch the D-Link Wi-Fi Planner, Powered By AirMagnet®,” said Anthony Lai, vice president of business development at D-Link. “Our longstanding partnership with Fluke Networks allows us to deliver powerful WLAN planning and design functionality that provides superior predictive modeling to help users determine ideal quantity, placement and configuration of D-Link WLAN infrastructure for optimal security, performance and compliance.”

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