Tenable enhances Nessus Perimeter Service

Tenable Network Security announced the newest version of its Nessus Perimeter Service which extends the power of its vulnerability scanner to help businesses protect payment card data, identify network and web application vulnerabilities, and demonstrate compliance with the PCI DSS.

This new release includes the Tenable PCI Scanning Service, which allows customers to scan unlimited Internet-facing sites for PCI compliance, as often as needed, and submit these PCI scan results up to twice per quarter for PCI Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) validation, all for one flat annual fee.

Nessus Perimeter Service delivers:

Web application vulnerability detection: Access to Tenable’s continuously-updated database of nearly 50,000 vulnerability and configuration checks to scan web-facing applications for vulnerabilities which compromise compliance.

Consolidated scanning and PCI ASV validation: As an ASV for PCI compliance, Tenable enables customers to use a single solution to perform unlimited PCI scans, submit scan results for PCI ASV validation, and create compliance documentation.

World-class expertise: Support from Tenable’s team of PCI-certified professionals who can quickly validate if customers are meeting PCI compliance requirements.

No additional infrastructure overhead: As a managed service, no hardware or software installation is required, and setup takes just minutes.

Value-based licensing: Users pay a single annual flat fee and can scan an unlimited number of Internet-facing systems, as often as they like.

“We’re extending the power of the Nessus Perimeter Service to include PCI ASV validation,” said Ron Gula, CEO and CTO of Tenable Network Security. “Tenable has helped customers prepare for PCI certification by pre-scanning their networks and identifying PCI-relevant assets. Now customers can scan Internet-facing sites using Perimeter Service’s preset PCI compliance policy template and submit these PCI scan results to Tenable for PCI ASV validation, at no additional charge.”

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