Avira “fixes” PC-crippling update bug

On Monday, Avira issued a faulty Service Pack for all of its products running on 32-bit versions of Windows, which resulted in massive problems for users as the AntiVirProActiv component began detecting pretty much every executable as malware.

The component blocked many Windows critical processes, Microsoft and third party software, and in some cases, prevented Windows from booting at all.

As a temporary solution, Avira’s experts advised disabling the ProActive component or adding an exception for every blocked application.

Still, the company has pushed out a new product update which has settled the application blocking issue by automatically disabling the ProActiv module, and has advised users to manually download it and install it.

According to the company’s announcement, users who have updated their products should, for the time being, keep the ProActiv module disabled, as a permanent fix that should make it work as intended is still unavailable.

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