Norman updates Malware Analyzer G2 platform

Norman announced the new version of its Malware Analyzer G2 platform which delivers to analysts the latest automated analysis tools.

Malware Analyzer G2 Version 3 delivers:

  • Multiple IntelliVM modules, allowing a wide variety of malware to be inspected in parallel
  • Support for multiple operating systems, applications and file types for improved flexibility
  • The ability to analyze almost any Windows application or file
  • IntelliVM plugins in Python scripts for rapid development and extension of each analysis
  • The creation of the Norman Malware Analysis G2 Community where Norman analysts, customers and partners share plug-ins to address advanced persistent threats
  • An open patterns capability, where analysts can edit and adjust the process based on the threat view
  • An enhanced, fully-emulated Norman SandBox analysis module
  • Data mining and threat assessment capabilities
  • A scalable architecture, allowing tens of thousands of files to be analyzed per day.

Norman’s solution is the industry’s only malware analysis framework to make available Hybrid SandBoxing. This means that analysts can run suspicious malware samples through the award-winning emulated Norman SandBox, and at the same time analyze the code in the virtualized IntelliVM modules.

Daily experience shows that code that is not deemed suspicious in a virtual environment may very well be proved harmful through emulated Microsoft Windows environment inspection.

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