Tumblr and Twitter users targeted with oddball spam messages

A bizarre spam campaign touting free McDonalds gift cards has recently been spotted on compromised Tumblr and Twitter accounts:

According to GFI, the link included in the spam message first takes users to a page located on the official (and likely compromised) website of a Canadian R&B artist, then redirects them to other sites depending on their IP.

Some users are faced with pages offering a $100 McDonalds gift card in exchange for the user’s email and probably other personal information, others to pages touting insurance offers.

In any case, the offers are bogus and are just a lure that helps spammers harvest user information.

Still, the extremely informal tone of the spammy message might fool many into following the link, and enrage them, too, once they are tricked into sharing the message on their accounts.

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