Automatic and non-disruptive data migration

Varonis Systems announced Varonis Data Transport Engine (DTE), the newest family member of its Data Governance Suite, which solves how to securely move and archive data, remove stale data, and ensure permissions to moved data are maintained or improved.

Varonis DTE harnesses the metadata generated by the Varonis Metadata Framework and features an intelligent rules engine which allows IT personnel to identify the data that should be moved, where it should end up, when it should be moved, whether the permissions should remain effectively the same or be changed (for the better), and then executes the migration automatically—end to end.

Data can be either moved or copied between platforms and domains, allowing staff to create a sandbox environment before completing the move to test and refine the new hierarchy and permissions structure.

The Varonis Data Transport Engine automates all the heavy lifting: copying data and metadata while adhering to maintenance windows and other scheduling constraints, automatically synchronizing source and destination with incremental copies even if the source data is still “live,” translating permissions across platforms and domains, and reporting on progress every step of the way.

Yaki Faitelson, CEO and co-founder, Varonis said: “Whether you move data within an organization or in the aftermath of an acquisition – if proprietary and business critical information is lost or accessible to the wrong people it could lead to catastrophic consequences. To put this into perspective, imagine that you have migrated data from dozens of decentralized servers into a few, centralized ones, and several folders containing sensitive data have misconfigured permissions (a common issue)— sensitive data would be accessible to potentially hundreds or thousands of inappropriate people.”

Kevin Kampman, Research Director at Gartner, said: “IT staff is tasked with moving data around more frequently than we realize. Mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, platform changes and upgrades all generate a lot of behind the scenes work for IT resources, who are struggling to keep data available, maintain correct access, and to determine what data is no longer needed. Automation that intelligently moves and archives data across platforms and domains will make migrations less time consuming, less costly, effective for the business, and more secure.”

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